The Hacienda Del Rio Pickleball Club's annual membership dues are $6:00 per person per year ($10.00 for non resident members). The membership time period is one calendar year. You can join any time; there is no prorating of fees. Cash or Checks are accepted and should be made payable to CASH.  If you wish to join, complete the form shown below.

 The membership fees are used to purchase items used by the Club such as balls and other needed equipment as well as help funding club events.

As an Hacienda Del Rio Pickleball Club member, you will be able to participate in social events, clinics and fun in house tournaments.  You will be for equipment and apparel discounts.

​​If you wish to become a member of the Hacienda Del Rio Pickleball, complete the form below. 

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Check one

Please pay by cash or check made out to: CASH (on the Memo Line, write Hacienda Del Rio Pickleball Club). Please forward fee to a Club committee member.

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